Wednesday, April 26, 2023

9 days Taiwan trip (March 2024)

I managed to book SIA ticket to Taipei during the March 2024 school holidays at pretty good price. S$508 per person. Family of 3, total S$1,524.

The lowest fare is S$464 if you choose to travel during the non-school holiday period. S$44 saving per person.

We probably stay at Taipei for 4 nights and Tai Chung for another 4 nights. Will see.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

8 days Sydney trip (March 2023)

We had a good time at Sydney.

The trip was delayed almost 3 years due to COVID19. It was supposed to be a holiday trip in June 2020. Scoot canceled the flight. We chose no cash refund but extra 20% flight credits that we later used to purchase more luggage allowance, flight meals and seat booking for this March 2023 trip.

The hotel room (The Sydney Boulevard Hotel) was upgraded to a bigger size, and we were given a FREE bottle of red wine because I am Expedia GOLD member. 😊 

Our Sydney expenses (S$2,374.05) distributions are as follow:

  1. 57% food (6% breakfast, 25% lunch, 8% tea break and 18% dinner).
  2. 33% shopping
  3. 10% transportation.

Our hotel:

(1) The Sydney Boulevard Hotel

Our meals:

(1) The Grounds of the City

(2) The Grounds of the Alexandria

(3) Macchiato @ Pitt Street (Italian)

(4) Mr. Wang (Chinese)

(5) XOPP (Chinese)

(6) #eatfuh (Vietnamese)

(7) Seoul Ria (Korean)

(8) chatthai (Thai)

(9) cinyen (Indonesian)

(10) Hakatamon Ramen (Japanese)

(11) Sydney Fish Market

(12) The Naked Duck

(13) Jamie's Kitchen

(14) Messina Gelato (MUST TRY!)

(15) Tenacious

(16) Black Star Pastry

(17) Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills

(18) Meet Fresh @ Chatsworth

(19) Beautea

(20) Bill & Toni's

(21) The Wyatt @ Gordon

(22) Aunty Ed's Restaurant

(23) Tea Break ~


(1) The Sydney Boulevard Hotel

We stayed at this hotel for 7 nights. Average daily rate A$200.95. It is located at the city center, William Street.

The room size is great indeed and there is a Woolworths metro right next to the hotel. 

Expedia Gold member will receive a FREE bottle of red wine. :) 

(1) The Grounds of the City

The food is fantastic. Love the filet mignon (AS$50) and king grab linguini (A$32). The mango tango (A$9.50) is lovely too. :) Good ambience.

Total bill: A$91.50.

(2) The Grounds of the Alexandria

I came here with huge expectation, but the food is just normal. Wild omelette and eggs benedict were good but not the brekkie burger. My sister joined us for the breakfast. Total bill: A$118.50.

There is one lululemon outlet store nearby. We bought our first lululemon cloths at 50% discount, pretty good deal. :)

(3) Macchiato @ Pitt Street

Highly recommended! The thin crusted pizzas were great! Eye fillet (A$49) was fantastic too. Must come!
My sister family joined us. Hence, the bill for 7 was A$319.

(4) Mr. Wang

The food is nice, but it is way over-priced. 
I don't think that's half duck portion, A$59 for half duck. 
Mapo tofu was extremely silky and nice.

(5) XOPP

We enjoyed the food. It's a nice location too, near the Chinatown.

(6) #eatfuh

It's a typical Vietnamese fuh (noodles). We had it at Surrey Street branch. Not bad!

(7) Seoul Ria

Dinner with my ex-high school classmate with her husband too. A decent Korean BBQ place at Chinatown!

We had this matcha dessert elsewhere at Chinatown too after the dinner.

(8) chatthai

Good Thai food indeed. It is a chain store at Gateway Shopping Centre, Circular Quay.


Delicious Indonesian Medan food near UNSW, Anzac Parade, Kingsford.

(10) Hakatamon Ramen

My son craved for Japanese ramen. Hence, we were here at Hakatamon Ramen at Darling Square. Not bad.

(11) Sydney Fish Market

A must visit place. You can get all the fresh seafood here! We had 2 rounds of lunch. :)

(12) The Naked Duck

We had a quick brunch here. The food is just all right. Nothing special.

(13) Jamie's Kitchen

We had breakfast here before heading back to Singapore! Decent breakfast.

(14) Messina Gelato

This is the best gelato that you must try at Sydney! We had it 3 times all together at different branches.

(15) Tenacious

Pretty interesting place to have coffee break at Oxford Village, Tenacious.

(16) Black Star Pastry

That's one pretty and expensive cake. Overrated. 

(17) Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills

Ginger brulee tart, good place to have coffee break at Surry Hills.

(18) Meet Fresh @ Chatsworth

Meet Fresh Taiwanese dessert at Chatsworth. The portion is big!

(19) Beautea

Taiwanese bubble tea shop, Beautea. 

(20) Bill & Toni's

That's our first meal at Sydney. Linguine gameri and scallops was pretty good. The cafe is a walking distance away from our hotel, Stanley Street, Darlinghurst.

(21) The Wyatt 

We had breakfast at The Wyatt at Gordon with my sister. It's a pretty cozy cafe.

(22) Aunty Ed's Restaurant

We had lunch at this place at Katoomba Street, Blue Mountains. The food was just normal, probably too much fried food.

(23) Tea Break ~

Gelato and drinks at Bondi Beach.

Gelato at Barangaroo.

Coffee break at Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Quick lunch at Sydney airport.