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4-room HDB Rental (Toh Guan @ Jurong East) (Revision 02)

Revision 02 (last paragraph) : updated on February 28, 2021.

We decided to rent out the 4-room HDB unit once we moved to the private condominium.
Only Singaporean household HDB can rent out the entire HDB unit, not Singapore PRs household HDB.

Here are the timeline in year 2017:

29th October (Sun): The HDB was completely vacant.

30th October (Mon): Handyman came and touched up the unit and completed 95% of the work. Real estate agent brought one tenant to view the unit at the evening and they love it. At 11 P.M., they offered S$2,000.

31th October (Tue): I rejected S$2,000 offer in the morning. All touch up completed in the evening. Tenant increased the offer to S$2,100. I rejected the offer on the same day.

1st November (Wed):  Tenant increased the offer to S$2,150. As it is close to what I am asking for (S$2,200), I accepted the offer at 1 P.M.

In short, we found the tenant within 3 days.

2nd November (Thurs): Letter of intent (LOI) signed on both parties, 2 months security deposit received.

Move in date: 5th Nov, 2017
Rental yield: 7.27%
Tenancy tenure: 18 months

(Only Malaysian and Singaporean can have maximum of 36 months rental contract, the rest maximum is 18 months).

I spent S$2,874.15 in total to secure the tenancy. 
The handyman touch up works cost S$628

I changed guest room 1, guest room 2 and guest room toilet ceiling light to LED lights. I also changed all the down lights at the living hall/dining hall to LED down lights. I replaced the master bedroom skirting as it popped out due to moisture (next to the master toilet). The door bell is still working perfectly after replacing the battery! I have done some DIY painting job and replaced all the kitchen fluorescent twin tube lights.
My tenant requested for 3 items only. Microwave oven, another queen size mattress and super single mattress with bedframe and that's another S$947.
I bought really good mattresses for the tenant. Otho package: Boston 10" Euro Top Double Offset Coil Queen Size Mattress with bedframe, usual price is S$1,099 and now selling at S$499 only and it comes with 10 years warranty. I also bought a MaxCoil Adonia Spine Super Single Mattress with bedframe, S$368 and it comes with 10 years warranty too.
I have tried to find tenants myself  through Ohmyhome but there are only two enquiries and one viewing, offer was S$2,000 max and the tenant profile is quite complicated, hence, I do not consider them. I also posted to social media rental website but zero enquiries. It seems like real estate agents have more leads.

I moved to this beautiful place in the early year 2010.

I spent about S$35,000 for renovation and stayed close to 8 years.

We left the leather sofa, TV cabinet, TV, home theater system, marble dining table, chairs, etc. for the tenant.

The kitchen is huge and maintained very well.

I had been warned after rental, it will never look the same, oh well...

Once for rental, it will be forever for rental, no turning back.
Fridge, washer and dryer are provided.

Master bedroom comes with Slumberland Queen size mattress. That's S$1,600 mattress. Not cheap!

Plenty of storage space, the master bedroom size (of this 4-room flat) is larger than 5-room flat master bedroom. I don't know why. That's the Toh Guan layout.

My lovely mirrored built in wardrobe.

A place where my boy grew up playing most of the time at living hall.

Still remember getting this SONY home theater system online at eBay at S$300 in year 2006. It still works perfectly today. It is SONY!

Guestroom toilet.

Master toilet.

One of the guestroom.
We painted few walls with our left over paints from the new home.

More stories to tell in revision 02. Stay tuned.

Updated on February 28, 2021
  • 4-room flat, 90 sqm (968 sqft) purchased in June, 2009 for S$355,000 (S$367 PSF).
  • Renovation started on Dec 11, 2009 until January 24, 2010.
  • Private bank housing loan was fully paid/redeemed on August 1st, 2014.
  • Self-stayed for 7 years & 10 months until October 13, 2017.
  • The HDB unit was rented out since November 5, 2017 until today.
(1) Tenancy agreement was renewed for the second time (total 54 months) with the same rate of S$2,150. Rental yield: 7.27%.
 The 3rd tenancy agreement will end in May, 2022.

(2) Total rental income to be received for 3 tenancy contract of 18 months each = 54 months (until May 2022) will be :
3 x 18 x S$2,150 = S$116,100.

(3) Miscellaneous charges:
- Yearly rental income tax (through additional personal income tax): close to 1 month of rental S$2,150 x 4.5 years ~= S$9,675.
S$9,086 to be exact. (54 months = 4.5 years)
- Monthly town council fees of S$79.50 x 54 months = S$4,293.
- Real estate agent fees paid: S$1,150 (2017) + S$1,613 (2019) + FREE (2020) = S$2,763.
(I engaged tenant directly for 3rd tenancy agreement renewal with the consent from the real estate agent.)
- Property tax S$449 (2017-prorated) + S$960 x 4 (yearly 2018-year 2021)= S$4,289
- Changed a new Daikin System 4 air con S$2,780 on June 27, 2019.
- Toilet repair done by HDB on March 1st, 2019, S$339.
- Touch-up/furnishing cost on November 5th, 2017, S$1,800.
Total cost: S$25,350.

(4) Net gain: S$116,100 - S$25,350 = S$90,750. (25.56% of the purchase price).
Net rental yield: 5.68%.

The flat still has 77 years lease (year 1999 flat).
(possibly additional rental income of: 77 years x 12 months x S$2,150 = S$1.986 million)

Each year of rental will bring a net gain of S$22,587 (S$1,882 monthly gain).

As of August 2021:
Amount used in CPF OA for the HDB flat: S$237,584
Accrued interest : S$54,019

If the flat sold at S$500,000
S$291,603 will be returned to CPF OA account.
Cash receivable will be S$208,397.
However, the CPF account balance will stand at S$1,107,863.

At some points, maybe 20 to 25 years later, I will sell the HDB flat (at least S$500,000) and get back the sale proceeds. That's the current plan now.

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