Monday, August 17, 2009

STI graph

I still do not know who charts this STI graph. I got this TA analysis chart from sharejunction forum. If you are the original author, please let me know. This chart was drawn in year 2008!

The chart above beautifully and accurately predicted the trend of STI. I am following closely and I would like to pump in more funds into equity market to achieve at least 100% gain in the next 2 years time.

If you bought any shares in March 2009, you are easily holding a paper gain of 100%, 200% , or even 300% in some stocks (like OSIM, Jiutian, and many more) , but you need extra cash when the golden opportunity appears. Now that I will receive the first bucket of gold next month (not from the equity market, but from my HDB sales proceed), I shall pour into equity market carefully, and very carefully.

This is a fresh fund that I set up for my ownself, together with my lovely wife, to ignite the passion for value investing, and to achieve our dreams subsequently.

We shall march to 3,000 points soon. Share your thoughts, and welcome to my new "financial" blog.

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