Saturday, September 12, 2009

Insurance-linked investment

I have started insurance-linked investment 4, 5 years ago. I will not add in anymore insurance for the time being, it is good to start when you are young.

(1) The first one is investment-linked plan, AIA Arcons of Asia fund, this economic crisis gives me a very good chance to collect prices at cheaper price every single months. The breakeven time-frame is 7 years.

(2) HSBC target saver is an endowment plan, a way of disciplined saving every month, the return is guaranteed. The term is 21 years. I shall receive a lump sum cash by age of 46.

(3) AsiaLife, the best whole-life insurance in Singapore, no arguement about it. The benefits, bonuses are the highest, based on true facts. It is a must have insurance for all Singaporean.

(4) Aviva insurance, invested in Lion Global Japan Fund, not so much on the insurance return, but focus on Japan Nikkei index returns instead, a small play, with only 25% premium return on insurance.

(5) Needless to say, Great Eastern, DPS scheme is automatically set by Singapore government.

(6) I have bought Myshield plan from Aviva, using CPF MA , $142 annual, to cover some hospitalization cost.

Besides, I also invested CPF OA & SA money into unit trust, as we all know OA gives you 2.5% interest and SA 4%. For the next 30 years, I am very sure the funds return outbeat those single digit interest, especially I bought China , India & Asia funds.

p/s: the alignment of the table offset a little bit, I can't do much about it, sorry.

Amount Insurance Plan Name Issue Date Maturity Date Guaranteed Life Guaranteed TPD Guaranteed Critical Illness Remark:
$ 203.26 per month AIA Achiever 5-Apr-04 5-Apr-81 $ 100,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 100,000.00 Investment-linked plan, AIA Arcons of Asia
$ 211.13 per month HSBC TargetSaver 29-Jun-05 29-Jun-26 $ 28,000.00 premuim waiver $ 28,000.00 Endowment plan, 21 years with 2.5% coupon
$ 280.60 per month AsiaLife Asia LifeSecure 16-Feb-06 No-limits $ 150,000.00 refer policy refer policy Whole-Life Insurance
$5000 cash one time Aviva Wealth Creator 20-Feb-06 No-limits $ 6,250.00 refer policy $ 6,250.00 Invest on unit trust funds-Lion Global Japan Fund
$ 36 annual CPF MA Great Eastern Dependants' Protection Scheme 17-Sep-05 17-Sep-40 $ 46,000.00 refer policy check policy Must-have from CPF Singapore governments
$ 142 annual CPF MA Aviva Myshield Plan 1 1-Apr-06 31-Mar-07 N.A. N.A. N.A. Cover yearly.

Amount Fund Invested Transaction Date Fund Source
$ 1,200.00 Lion Global China Growth Fund Mar-08 CPF-OA
$ 5,000.00 Lion Global India Fund Mar-08 CPF-OA
$ 5,500.00 AIGIF Acorns of Asia Balanced Fund Mar-08 CPF-SA

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