Monday, October 22, 2012

BUY: Religare Health Trust

I never write a blog to buy a single share but today I am going to recommend you to buy a new share just listed last Friday at 2 P.M. at SGX market.

It is Religare Health Trust and Fortis Healthcare is the biggest cornerstone investor of course. You can google this health trust and know the details through the Internet by yourself, but I am going to say a few words here.

It is all about the hospital income in India.

There are some interesting story about Fortis Healthcare. They used to offer to buy Singapore Parkway Healthcare but failed to Malaysia Khazanah fund by just merely S$100 million bid away, and Khazanah repackage them and dual listed them at KLSE and SGX market. It is called IHH. It is another good one, no doubts.

IPO price of Religare Health Trust is S$0.90. Last friday opening was S$0.89 and crashed further to S$0.805. Guess what, the stock price continued to crash in the early opening today, thanks to Mr. Dow last Friday night  of massive 200 points drop. It drops immediately to S$0.76 this early morning before recovering strongly at closing at S$0.835.

The stronghold exist at S$0.805-S$0.81 today.

Let's talk about dividend, projected yield based on IPO price of S$0.90 was 8.9% and 9.1% in year 2003 and 2004 respectively.

With the price of S$0.77, the dividend yield become 10.4% and 10.6%. 

Tell me which solid blue chip will give you such dividend yield ? I miss SABANA REITS and I won't miss this. What price I am buying ? Isn't very clear to you? Good luck, folks.

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