Monday, March 9, 2015

Stock Watch List - Cheat Sheet (Revision 02)

Revision 02 (last paragraph): updated on May 5, 2015

This is my first blog in year 2015! Nothing changed much , just enjoying my family life. :)

All right, let's take a quick look at Singapore Blue Chips or STI component shares or Singapore Dividend stocks or Singapore warrior counters, whatever you call it.

Let's start with some definition:

Delta 1: How many percentage (%) the stock had climbed from the 52 weeks low to the current price? (Past tense marked as GREEN)
Delta 2: How many percentage (%) the stock "could climb" from the current price to the 52 weeks high? (Future tense marked as YELLOW).
Vice versa for the 5 years time span.
Delta 3: How many percentage (%) the stock had climbed from the 5 years low to the current price?
Delta 4: How many percentage (%) the stock "could climb" from the current price to the 5 years high?
Of course, one can argue that "5 years high price" might NEVER be reached again or even 52 weeks high will never happen again. Well, I don't think so for Singapore blue chip counters.
I create this cheat sheet is for quick reference. Whenever we see a current price on the SGX market, we can quickly know which price we are buying in terms of 52 weeks horizon or 5 years horizon.
From the table above, it is easy to see what stocks had rallied/rocketed within a year time, mainly the bank shares and the telecommunication shares (15 to 25% gain already).
To see the price differences between the current price and the 52 weeks high, I set a threshold of 25% gain and above highlight in GREEN (we all love to see GREEN color in the market, don't we ?). You can also observe that oil related stocks, commodities are the biggest hit, having a large margin to reach 52 weeks high.
The lower percentage of Delta 4 obviously tells us that these stocks are going to reach the 5 years high very soon, namely again bank shares, telecommunication shares and ComfortDelGro (surprise! ).
Last but not least, I am now more into defensive, dividend plays. We need certain level of security while we enter another era - planning for retirement. :)
Gone are those days - fast and furious.

Updated on May 5, 2015

I also compiled a watch list at KLSE market. If you take a closer look at some KLSE counters performance, many of them actually outperform SGX markets.
I marked the underperform counters as RED.
There are some good opportunities at both SGX and KLSE markets. Pick the right cherries!

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