Sunday, November 29, 2015

Horizon Hills - Reap LOW Sell HIGH

I have the permission from the owner to share this piece of information. He is one of my buddies and also a successful investor.

He bought a Corner Terrace house at Horizon Hill, Gateway Precinct, unit size is 22” x 70” and land size is 32” x 70” during the launch time in year 2006 for RM 350,000. He spent about RM100, 000 on renovation, made it a beautiful sweet home for self-stay after the key collection in year 2009.
He then sold the unit in late year 2012 for a cool price tag of RM 1,250,000. That’s right, a windfall of RM900, 000 FAT GAIN.

This is a classic example of reaping at LOW price and sell at the PEAK. It is a pure luck. Sound like a stock market, isn't it ?
The new owner of the unit is trying to sell at RM1,000,000 and there are no takers yet. It is not a rocket science to know it is the timing of the market + beautiful renovation that fetch the previous PEAK price.

Oh ya, you also need some sheer luck to ensure that your neighbor unit don’t spoilt the potential buyers first impression. Some neighbors don’t really care about their compound and the grass just simply grows and it will deteriorate your house value if your unit is right next to it. You are daydreaming if you think your neighbor can be sold at “such price” meaning your unit can too. It depends, really, maybe even more?

That’s one piece of information to share. It is good news for all the Horizon Hill owners.

For all the potential buyers and sellers (regardless of what properties), you always need a bank valuation to obtain the housing loan. By then, you will truly know what is your unit market price. You can have all the sky high asking price but the buyer must be ready to fork out any differences between the asking price and the market valuation by CASH. It is the same for Singapore properties purchase too.

Good luck for all the investors.

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