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Year 2016 Tuition Fees at Local Universities in Singapore (NUS , NTU & SMU) Revision 03

Revision 03: updated on August 28, 2019
Revision 02: updated on January 14, 2019
I have the latest figures (Year 2016) of the tuition fees at all 3x local universities in Singapore. Please take note that all fees are quoted in year 2016 annual subsidized fees. It means while you work for the first 3 years, you are slowly paying back the "subsidizes" to the government.

Somehow, the NUS and NTU fees are calibrated very close to each other, if not, exactly the same.

An engineering degree at NUS/NTU will cost you: S$31,800.

A business degree at NUS: S$37,400 while SMU: S$44,800.

Medicine at NUS: S$101,600.

Take engineering course as an example, S$31,800 for 4 years school fees, it is considered very affordable at today market.

For my curiosity, I just checked my U.S. university latest school fees in Michigan for the engineering course.

Undergraduate US$12,993 flat rate for one semester (1 year 2 semester, Fall & Winter), so US$12,993 x 2 semester x 2 years = US $51,972 ( lower level) + US$14,400 x 2 semester x 2 years) = US $57,600 . Total of 4 years school fees: US $109,572 = S$158,879.  And you are paying only S$31,800 in NUS. It is 80% cheaper.

Of course, the reason of the big differences are: you are studying in Singapore as a Singaporean versus studying in the United States as a non-resident (foreigner), that is why the cost has the big difference. Also, not everyone can enter the local university in Singapore, your A-Level grade must be good.

There are also some ways to reduce the cost of oversea studying by studying the first two years locally before doing the program exchange in the US, but the most you can save is about 50% of the total tuition fees quoted above in USD. After all, the price difference is still quite significant. Not to forget to add in the cost of residence, living expense, health insurance , etc.

So long the school fees increment is kept at low pace, I believe the tuition fees in Singapore is still within the reach.

To complete a Graduate program require 33 credit hours of course works. Hence, a Master degree in engineering will cost US $1,123 x 33 = US $37,059 = S$53,735. In other words, my certifications now has a market value of US $146,631 = S$ 212,614. That's crazy, how many years I have to work in order to breakeven that school fees ! :(

Good luck , kids, same goes to the parents. :)
Updated on January 14, 2019
All tuition fees increment are kept at a very reasonable pace.
From year 2019 onwards:
An engineering degree at NUS/NTU will cost you: S$32,800.
Tuition fees increment of 3.1% throughout 3 years.
A business degree at NUS: S$38,400 while SMU: S$45,800.
Tuition fees increment of 2.7% throughout 3 years for NUS and 2.2% for SMU.
Medicine at NUS: S$113,600 while NTU: S$136,800.
Tuition fees increment of 11.8% throughout 3 years for NUS and 4.6% for NTU.
Updated on August 28, 2019
Tuition fees for Singaporeans ! Still affordable, I shall say.

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