Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Travel Insurance: Tokio Marine (TM) Xplora Annual (Classic Family)

Let's talk about travel insurance. I never buy travel insurance until my son was born. Before I bought the travel insurance, I also do not have any baggage delay or travel delay during my personal holiday. Isn't that cool ? Typically, people tend to pay a small sum for travel insurance per trip per person. In view of frequent travel with the family within a year, I decided to buy a family travel insurance, covering worldwide.

I picked Tokio Marine (TM) Xplora Annual (Classic Family) Travel Insurance.

It is my 3rd time buying this same TM Xplora Annual (Classic Family). The latest one is dated from February 4, 2016 to February 3, 2017.

The usual price of such worldwide classic coverage for family per year is S$453.

I forgot how I got 15% discount. I paid S$385.05 by using credit card (to collect points of course).
It is actually a very good deal if you travel a lot in a year or you have a big family.

This is the emergency contact to keep.

The coverage of the classic plan is shown below.

And the comparison between the Premier and Classic coverage.

Do take note that some of the coverage amount are exactly the same for Premier and Classic, for example, the travel delay and baggage delay are cap at maximum S$1,000 for both Premier and Classic.

For this year, we have made two claims. The latest one was my wife Hokkaido trip, flying from Singapore to KL then KL to Hokkaido. The flight from Singapore to KL was delayed for 2 hours. Hence, once she reached KLIA 2, she had to rush towards the boarding gate and she managed to board the plane as the last passenger.

So obviously, the luggage in the SG-KL plane is not able to be transferred to the other plane on time. So, she was aware that the luggage will not reach the destination once she arrived at Hokkaido. She bought Uniqlo cloths at the airport in Japan and continued her journey.

At the end, the luggage reached the hotel 48 hours later. So, the baggage delay claimed was max at S$1,000, measuring S$200 per 6 hours block. Baggage delay is fine but not baggage loss! So, the S$1,000 claim can help to pay her entire SG to Hokkaido airfare as it was an AirAsia budget flight and plenty more to spend !

The other claim was Micah doctor visit at the specialist at KL, total claim S$337.10. That's the two claims so far in this year.

The claim process is easy. Just fill up the form online through the website below. Thereafter you submit all the relevant document in PDF format, such as the passport details, boarding pass and the baggage delay reports.

While I was on the flight (March, year 2013) from Singapore to Washington D.C., transit at Dubai, my Emirates flight was delayed for 24 hours. All hotel stay and meals were provided by Emirates and that delay also entitled for travel insurance claim, travel delay. It was bad luck enough that even my return flight from Washington D.C. to Singapore, transit at Dubai, the flight was once again delayed for 24 hours (I was actually well prepared for this as the boarding time at Washington was delayed for 1.5 hours). So with both trips delayed, I was able to claim travel insurance max. of S$1,000 not with my personal travel insurance but with my company travel insurance as it was a business trip. You only can claim one travel insurance at a time.

Based on my record, we claimed S$417 doctor visit fees at KL for Micah in year 2014.


We also claimed S$552 doctor visit fees at KL for Micah in year 2013.


That said if you have kid travel with you, you better buy family travel insurance. It is important to ensure that all the family members are well covered during the oversea trips as the cost is only S$385 per year per family , worldwide coverage.

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