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Is it really worth to go into Johor just for the car petrol? (Revision 03)

Revision 03 (last paragraph): updated on March 1, 2016
Revision 02: updated on October 14, 2014

Do you hear your friends or colleagues always go into Johor for the cheaper car petrol ? How much they really save? I know some crazy folks just enter Johor, pump the car petrol to full tank (maybe shaking the car boot) and U-turn back to Singapore, is it really worth it?


Don't waste your valuable time and energy.

Singapore cars can only pump Fuel 97 in Malaysia. The current price now is RM 2.75. It will become RM 2.915 if government imposes 6% GST on Fuel 97. Let's see.

There are still many people do not know this biggest promotion in Singapore. The promotion had been in the market for years ever since I got my car in Singapore.

The total discount is always 20.1%.
Only recently, with the new SPC & U card, your total discount now is 21.98%.

NO ONE is paying the usual fuel price in Singapore.

 There are some key remarks you should take note:

(1) Let's assume you can pump 40 lit. full tank.
(2) Before entering Malaysia from Singapore, the rule requires you to have at least 3/4 tank of fuel. Meaning to say you only have 10 lit. free space.
(3) Okay, plus minus, you make a day trip to Johor, say you spend another 5 lit. That's a total 15 lit. of free space, how much do you really save? Do you ever calculate ? 35% is the exact percentage right now, BUT...

For 15 lit. car petrol, you only save S$8.90. Does it worth it? How much is the toll charges in Singapore custom ? How much is the toll charges in Malaysia custom ? How much wasted fuel for the distance you have traveled from Singapore to Johor and from Johor back to Singapore just to pump the car petrol ?

Do you calculate the jam in the traffic? Your time? You think you really save S$8.90 after deduting all the above?

Maybe S$0.90 for all the hassles.

Of course, now you will hear another set of voices saying, we go into Johor for bunlde activities. We makan lunch, makan dinner, foot massage, cinema movie, etc.

Well, that does not really help you to save more, maybe you increase your expenses just because you think such services are cheap and you want to go ALL for it and actually you don't even need it. :)

P/S: I know the calculation above is "unfair" between the Singapore Fuel 95 and Malaysia Fuel 97. Well, that's what majority of the Singaporean do.

Updated on October 14, 2014
One blog reader is quick to point out that 15 lit. of car petrol can't even save you S$0.90 if you include the total toll charges! He is absolutely right !

Causeway total toll charges now for round trips with car is S$12.80.
Tuas second link total toll charges for round trips with car is S$12.40.

15 lit. car petrol only save S$8.90 !

The breakeven cost is 21 lit. car petrol which manage to save S$12.45 and it will be fully wiped off by the toll charges for round trips!

If 6% GST is imposed to fuel 97, the breakeven cost is 24 lit. car petrol which saves S$12.65 only.

And yet that does not include the extra journey travelled just to pump the car petrol and the crazy traffic jam at the custom!

Updated on March 1, 2016

Singapore government is reviewing to remove the "3/4 tank filled rule". Are they serious? Johor-Singapore customs will be jam packed even during the non-peak hours if such rule is removed. I doubt they will remove it.

The price of Ron 97 is now RM 1.95. Such price was seen in year 2008. I have the information of the car petrol price exactly on March 2 , 2015 versus March 1, 2016. Let's see what are the differences.

The toll charges remains the same as SGD 12.40.

So, instead of breakeven the toll charges at 17 lit. of car petrol pumped, it is now 16 lit.

Even if Singapore government removes the "3/4 rule", the most you can save is S$19.77 per trip. Not to mention the "additional distance" you travel all the way there and your valuable time.

Is it still worth it ? Well, if you bundle up ALL the activities, why not?

It is simple for me, entering Johor is FREE and with some gain (S$7 ++ gain still after minus the Tuas toll charges) simply because I always pump around 25 lit. of petrol. Will I go there just for the petrol only? No.

Receipt was dated February 2016

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