Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Chapter of Life; my work life

I was retrenched from a bio-technology company and I had to leave the wonderful company on 31 October, 2016. Refer to : http://jkfund.blogspot.sg/2016/12/i-was-retrenched.html

I finally received the employment letter from the same industry as well, a Medical Equipment & Device company on 19 December, 2016. The market capitalization is 4 times bigger than my previous company. The headquarter is in Chicago, U.S.A. My past 13 years of careers are with Swiss German company.

There were just too many negative news on the media while I was searching for jobs. It was worrying, of course.

It says, "the job growth rate was slow and the job loss was aggravating in Q2 year 2016".

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) says, "Singapore economics will not get significantly better next year (year 2017)".

The unemployment rate continue to rise, lay-offs at 7 years high.

The largest hit by lay-offs are PMET (Professionals, Managers, Executives and technicians).

The hottest industry right now and in the future in Singapore are: Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Financial Technology, Compliance and Healthcare.

But sadly enough, even I was from Healthcare industry, I was retrenched.

 Government has good initiative to make the engineering sexy again.

Government offers engineering fresh graduate a starting pay of S$3,800 per month! My generation in year 2004, starting pay was only S$2,750 per month. :(

It also mentioned that banking industry now prefers to hire engineering graduates, which I find it not so true! I didn't get any reply from GIC, UBS, DBS, etc. Perhaps they are looking for software engineers, IT related engineers instead?

An interesting article telling you not to quit your job at the year end.

There are many good articles published to tell you how to prepare for an interview.

Yes, asking questions at interview is extremely important. I always make sure I ask at least 3 questions during the interview. I prepared 5 questions instead and I also know the answers for all the 5 questions from the Internet. It is always important to show you are interested in the company.

"Your job to ask questions at interview too"

Do take note on these questions from the interviewer too!

How to survive in the corporate world?

Needless to say your resume is utmost important to capture the attention of human resource, recruiter, talent acquisition professional and your future reporting boss.

Where are the jobs?

I also had this wonderful book to prepare myself how to do a six-figure salary negotiation. It is a great book.

Best of all, I got the book at S$5 only. Amazing, isn't it?

Just a quick look of the book content for your reference.

 We also need the spiritual food in our daily life. I actively seek wisdom from the "Grace" book.
This was the page I randomly flipped right before I fly to Shanghai, China for my final interview. Work location is in Singapore.


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